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Welcome! Welcome to the Bevees Booze-Free Blog. And welcome to Bevees, a brand new concept for Greater Vancouver.

Bevees will be the region's first and only booze-free bottle shop and beverage room. We are extremely excited to introduce people to the huge selection of non-alcoholic, alcohol-free, and dealcoholized beverages - what we like to call "booze-free bevees!"

Where beverages are concerned, we aren't anti-booze, we are pro-choice! We want everyone to have easy access to the same diverse selection of beverages as those who drink alcohol. And we also think those who don't drink alcohol should be able to socialize with friends, and celebrate occasions in the same sophisticated environment as those who do drink alcohol.

Sample, shop, and socialize at our bottle shop and beverage room. Any drink you can think of that is made with alcohol we have a non-alcoholic version in store for you to sample. Yes, you read right - you can sample anything in the store! How else will you discover what you do and don't like? Once you know what you like, you can purchase everything you need to make the same delicious drink at home.

Whether you drink alcohol or not, Bevees has plenty to offer. In addition to the region's largest selection of booze-free beverages, we have curated the biggest selection of barware in the Tri-Cities. We also have a diverse selection of mixes, syrups, rims, garnishes, spices and more all to help you make creative cocktails (with or without booze) from the comfort of your home.

But perhaps best of all Bevees is home to the first Booze-Free Beverage Room in BC! Bevees will have a casual, comfortable Westcoast feel. You can settle onto a stool at our bar and watch our mixologist in action, gather with friends in our beverage room lounge, or rent our event room (for groups of 15 or less). Bevees has the glassware, complex cocktails, and sophisticated atmosphere of a bar, just without the booze. Imagine being able to enjoy all the pleasures of going out for drinks with friends, without having to deal with drunks?! And you never have to worry about the time of day, going back to work, or drinking and driving. When its booze-free you can partake all day safely and guilt-free!

We have lots of work to do before opening. In the meantime, visit this blog often. We will try hard to get people up to speed about everything there is to know about non-alcoholic beverages. There is way more to it than you would imagine. We will also start posting reviews of products we have sampled. So far, we have been pleasantly surprised by almost everything. We think you will be too! Finally, we will keep you posted on renovation and opening progress. If everything goes as planned, we hope to be welcoming you in person at Bevees in Port Coquitlam this September!

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I'm tired of going to pubs and drinking diet coke

Me gusta
Contestando a

We hear you... Bevees is a great place to hang out and enjoy sophisticated non-alcoholic "bevees." We look forward to welcoming you!

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Looking forward to this place...I'm interested in the taste of your Alohol Free beverages...last year ordered on line a series of alchohal free drinks and they didn't even come close to being like their alchohal cousin...they tasted terrible...but I'm willing to give your establishment the college

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Looking forward to this new place!!! Who needs a hangover anyway! This is going to be a nice place to go to for sure.

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This is amazing!! Congrats and good luck with the opening

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This is fantastic news! Just when I have decided drinking is no longer for me, this rolls along. Can’t wait! Best of luck!

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